Let The Games Begin

Jocelyn Guinyard, Senior Editor

The doors opened at 6 p.m on October 10, 2012 as CHFHS held class night inside the gymnasium. Students’ rushed in determined to find the perfect seat as the night began.
Hosts Robert Marshall and Mya Green, both seniors, introduced themselves to the  crowd and the excitement began to see which class would take home the crown for 2012 Homecoming Class Night. Classes went through a series of games, first was twister where sophomore took the first lead.
As the second game, 3-legged-race came to an end, students waited patiently to see who won. Seniors was giving the win which Principal Gorman Brown did not agree with. He took the mic from the host and said, “the judges are fired”. The crowd cheered loudly.
Throughout the night different members of each class participated in games such as Obstacle Course, Tug of War, Dance, and Free Throw Shoot Out. The night ended with Daquan Gordon, senior, winning the Donut Eating Contest. Class of 2013 was crown the winners of  2012 Homecoming Class Night.