Perspective Part 2

Jayvon Pegus

I’m talking about education
I’m preaching that elevation
Clouded by clout and trapping in this generation
A system designed for us to fail through its litigation
Turning against each other the cause of intimidation
Where we hold materialistic things over reputation
Fam wealthy but thugging is these niggas occupation
I think it’s time for some real reparation
Surpassing these crackers expectation
Their idea was to divide and conquer through segregation
Slavery & Jim Crow Act shape this nation
And 400 years later still a lack of relation
Facts in front you no need for annotation
Went from fearing the plantation
To fearing police station
Lack of knowledge lead us to deprivation
All the world need is a little more communication
Real love and unity know that’s the vaccination
Like Nip said it’s all about that dedication
Put in hard work no need for clarification
Make yourself better then influence that’s what you call filtration……