Thank You Teachers

Jordan Gabriel

Thank you to the majority of teachers from Prince George’s County for allowing me to sit in class for you and barely learn anything. Thank you for making me feel stupid and making my life difficult since most of you are too lazy to do your jobs, so I would have to chase you around for a grade.
Thank you, teachers, for consistently playing games with my life and my future for whatever reason. Thank you for destroying all the creativity I ever had and leaving me hanging because you were “fed up” or “didn’t feel like coming.” Thank you for watching me get hurt every day and doing NOTHING. Thank you for making the last eleven years of my life a living hell.
Most of all, thank you for showing me that everything I gain in my life; I would do it myself with no help from any of you. I can’t blame you because the teachers aren’t paid to care. I understand that, since I’ve heard enough teachers say “I don’t get paid enough for this.”
To those of you tried, I suppose you get an A for effort. I know some of you thought you did well, and I know some of you cared a little, but none of you cared enough. I was just another student you had to deal with, and I have to accept that now.