Can We Talk? Advice Column

Aliyah Malik-McCraw, General Reporter

Question: I am struggling with balancing schoolwork and working. I work after-school each day, after getting off work I’m so tired that I literally forget to do my homework because I end up falling asleep as I get home. Sometimes I even fall asleep in my work uniform or fall asleep in the middle of doing my homework. I have no clue how to handle this situation, I need to improve my grades in school but I also have to work to pay for the expenses of my senior year.
Response: It is very clear that you need time management within your daily schedule. Even though senior year is an extremely expensive year in some cases, you might need to focus on school work more than working all the time. Working is not only stressing you out educationally but also
physically. Your body is shutting down during the times you need to be focusing the must. You should talk to your manager at your job about having a more flexible schedule. Having every other day off from work would help you a lot. If that’s not something you would like to do you could also consider coming to work later then you usually would so that you will have time to do your homework before work. In that way you will be able to get everything done and then have more time to relax and sleep! Even though this year is stressful for you; you should also enjoy it! Try not to stress yourself out so much, it is extremely unhealthy. Just try to manage your time and notify your manager about your situation.