Thank You Teachers

Sydney Brutus

In all of my 11 years of school, I have come across only a few teachers that I did not entirely like, and a lot of teachers who I was allowed the opportunity to get close. When I was younger, my mother had told me the struggles and stress that teachers may go through, and that they mask those exertions behind a smile when confronted with their students. Ever since mom said that to me, I made sure never to give teachers a hard time. If they asked me to do something, I would do it no questions asked. Considering this behavior, that could be why the teachers I had didn’t mind me being friendly to them by acting as their friend with the utmost respect.
If you were to ask me to name every single teacher I had, more than likely I would list every single one. There were certain times where I wished that someone wasn’t my teacher, but that would only be a temporary feeling. Many of my friends would tell me horror stories about particular teachers that they wished wouldn’t exist, and hearing those stories made me feel lucky with the teachers I had growing up.
If it weren’t for my teachers, I would not have come this far academically, and as a person, so I would like to thank every teacher I had who was always there for me, and I hope that they all can take time to appreciate themselves this week.