Floatplanes carrying cruise pasengers crash in Alaska Rescued


Eric Shuford

Two planes that crashed into each other mid-air over Alaska were carrying about 16 passengers from a seven-day cruise out of Vancouver, Connecticut. Six people are confirmed dead and one person is missing after two planes carrying passengers from a cruise collided mid-air in Alaska, according to the cruise line around 12 p.m. Monday. Both planes had passengers on them from a cruise ship and of both planes 16 people were on board, and 10 survived the collision. Charles Hanas who is one of the good samaritans who joined in on the search for the missing passengers was returning home on his boat saw the plane crash into the water. Survivors saw him and heard a lady screaming out for help and took her into the boat. Hanas went back out and was able to help other survivors. The pilot in the water was also helping people come in as well.
Image used by: komonews.com