Well Wishes From Dr. Brown To The Seniors

Kadijatu Johnson

Dr. Gorman Brown sent an email wishing well to all the seniors.

Here is what what said in the email.

Cherished CHF Students,

As I write this communique our seniors are preparing for their Prom and Graduation, a culmination of four years of commitment and hard work. This is normally my favorite time of the school year. Students matriculating to the next grade and graduating, moving on to great things are at the core of our work as educators. Seeing you all continue to grow, mature and be inspired drives educators to continue to pour into your spirits. I miss this process dearly.

As I encounter our Jaguars throughout the community I attempt to encourage them to continue to push through. To commit to the greater good. To find their passion and pursue it without pause. If any of you have not been told just how powerful you are today, let me be the first to share that with you. Members of the class of 2019 will enter the world and take it by storm, accomplishing wonderful things in the name of their school, community and families. They are blazing a trail for each one of our underclassmen who will, soon enough, take their place and embrace their destiny. I see this for each of you and just wanted to remind you how special you are.

Though I will not be with you as the school year comes to an end, I wanted to share my deep and abiding love for you, our future. You remain in my daily thoughts and prayers.

See you soon,

Dr. Brown