Advice Column: Can We Talk?

Aliyah Malik, General Reporter

Q: I did not receive a good grade in my Algebra class this quarter. It was an 40% and I am horrible in Math. I think I am going to fail this class and I don’t know what to do.

Advice Column Response: Calm down, yes that isn’t a good grade, it’s a failing grade but you have a lot of more time to improve your grade in Algebra for the new quarter. Things you can do to improve your grade is first talk to your teacher ask them what it is that you are doing wrong or what you need to improve in the do better. Ask about extra credit assignments and also tutoring to help improve your math skills. Practice taking a hour out of the day or two hours study or go over the things you learned in class that day. Make sure to complete all assignments and check your school max to make sure your grades are put in. Try to stay focus on passing because that’s what important and you will a great chance change at passing your Algebra class with no problems at all if you improve in your school work and assignments in that class, don’t give up!