Back to School Night Frenzy

Kyle Holmes

We were all excited for back to school night on September 12,2019 and when the day came Everyone was ready. While people were roaming the halls you could see others getting ready to have the best night of their lives. The main goal of back to school night was to let parents and student know what kind of in-school and after-school activities there were. It was also a great chance for parents to meet the teachers and know what is expected of their child while in class and at home.

Each group put there heart and soul into trying to get other people to join. Even if no one joined the group they had fun. They informed others about what they do and how they can join. That was the main purpose of back to school night. It wasn’t for students to be worried while the talk to the teachers, It was so they they know what they have to do to pass and to have a great school year. When you think about it back to school night has never changed. It has been the same thing from Elementary school all the way up the High School.

“When you have about seven minutes per class, so by the time parents got lost cause of course some people didn’t make it in that time it was already time to go to the next class and the parents can’t get the information” says Ms.Bego .