Our Response to Dorian

Divine Obidike

Students help hurricane Dorian survivors, rewarded with HOCO tickets 

   Hurricane Dorian was one of North America’s most recent and tragic hurricanes that occurred in late August 2019. Dorian affected the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Iceland, and other countries near the Atlantic region. This category 3- 5 storm murdered over 70 individuals with many more missing and thousands left with absolutely nothing. CBS News reported that Hurricane Dorian was one of the longest-lasting storms ever. It decimated for about 48 hours over the Bahamas. They described the scene to be as one of a bombing. 
     Most survivors are left with just the torn clothes on their backs. Some are forced to  
relocate to the U.S with an uncertain future for them and their families. Their lives were truly washed away. Most are still grateful to be alive, but are still hopeless. 
   The situation was so bad and had impacted so many lives. Since the Charles Herbert Flowers High School community is so loving and promotes community service anyone that brings in a canned item or something to benefit the lives of survivors gets free homecoming tickets. We love to give back as much as we can here at Flowers.
 Mark your calendars, Homecoming this year is on Saturday, October 26 concluding our fun-filled Spirit Week.  Please attend and donate as much as you can to help the less fortunate, only the first 100 have access to this opportunity. Others have already started donating. 

By; Divine Obidike