Locker Violation: Helpful or Harmful


Jordan Coleman

Over our first four weeks at school there has been many changes, some of which has caused a lot of controversy. When we think about lockers we think of a safe place to store our belongings when we are at school, and when we think about violation we know that something wrong has been done. So how do the two come together you ask?  Here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School, if a student goes to their locker more than three times a day or if they go without an administrators permission this causes them to receive a violation.
Once a student has reached three violations they lose locker privileges and will receive a unremovable padlock that only an school administrator can remove.  I asked Flower students of different grades what they think, “I believe it mostly depends on what the situation is because I do agree that the locker violation is crazy but if you are going to your locker at the ‘inappropriate’ times then I guess the violation makes sense” – Gregory Johnson, 12th grade. Another student said “It’s ridiculous, what if I forgot or need something important from my locker” – Wayne Chichester, 10th grade. This new system in our school has caused a lot of talk around the halls. Although there are many different opinions on the matter, the question still remains is this change more helpful than harmful ?