Jaguars Varsity Boys Soccer Team Defeat Division Rivals Bowie Bulldogs

Olu-Banke Boakye-Yiadom,Peter Gansalo and Coach Brijbasi

Charles Herbert Flowers boys varsity soccer team played the Bowie Bulldogs on September 24 2019. The game was a highly anticipated event given that these two teams were division rivals and the winner will get a higher rank in the division. The match was a thriller. The game went to overtime with the scoreline 2-2. Kuba Boakye-Yiadom was fouled in the box by the goalkeeper and was awarded a penalty. He scores the penalty and the Jaguars bench was electric. Head Coach Brijbasi was asked after the game how he felt about the win. He replied:
“It’s been a long time coming, I told the boys during the game when I played in highschool I’ve been trying to beat Bowie, and yesterday we prevailed. I am very proud and very happy, like I said we put in a lot of hard work, so all the hard work we’ve been putting in is actually come to fruition and were making things happen.”
Peter Gansalo,team captain of the varsity team, was asked the same question and he said;
“I feel great about beating Bowie. Since freshman year there’s been a lot of “smack talk” from them and we’ve been losing to them every year. So I am really happy to beat them finally this year, leaving my senior with a win knowing that I beat Bowie.”