Welcome To The Mecca

Jayvon Pegus

Welcome to Charles Herbert Flowers the Mecca of Excellence! To who? To you? All I see is system that focuses more on our appearance then our eduction. Making us pay good money for slacks  & green polo tees but excuse me in my family money doesn’t from on trees. Making us miss a whole day of education because we couldn’t afford or even get the right clothes washed. Now tell me really how is a button on a pants a safety risk? Why is a girl wearing tights or leggings inappropriate? Or is it because we can’t teach our sons to see ladies as more then sexual objects so if they try to express themselves or show their figure we deem it a distraction to the school environment? Why is our appearance so important to you because last time I checked in the real world you are judged more on your smarts then looks. Why is it that you go around collecting people’s sweaters but you can’t go around and find new textbooks, better teacher and better materials to help your students succeed? I see a common trend in the school system you want to make yourself look good but don’t care enough to properly  educate the future of this country. But hey welcome To The Mecca of Excellence Charles Herbert Flowers where look is more important then what’s being taught in the book.