The Keys To Succeeding As A Team

Nile Keiller

As a varsity player on the soccer team at Charles H. Flowers Highs School, there are many ways that the team can be improved after a difficult loss, especially as a leader. On October 3rd, 2019, the Flowers Jaguars lost to Northwestern Wildcats 4-3 in an intense game. The Jaguars played well but there were many areas that the team needed to improve in.
There were mistakes in the defense that needed improving. As a defender in soccer, there need to be extreme amounts of communication between the defense and the midfield. Communication is a key to success on any team, but with soccer, if there is no communication then the team will fold and fail. With the midfield and offense, there were a lot of great plays to score. But with all the created chances to score, we could not put them into the back of the net. In order to be successful in soccer, you need to score goals. Without goals, there is no way of winning the game.
The whole soccer team had a good game, but without communication, there is no way for the team to succeed and win the game. Teamwork is an essential part of a team. It pushes the worst teams to work hard to win games.
Communication in teams keeps them organized and in-check when the team in losing sight of the match. For there to be effective communication, the team needs to be passionate and accepting of the captains and leaders to talk and reflect on the mistakes and the things that the team does well. The interactions and relationships with team members can help teams win important games.