Pre game interview with The Varsity Soccer Boys Coach


Olu-Banke Boakye-Yiadom and Trenton Brijbasi

Jaguar boys varsity soccer team played Northwestern on October 3, 2019. If the Jaguars won this game, they would’ve been one step closer to winning the county championships. Every player knew how important this game was including the head coach, Trenton Brijbasi. he explains the importance of the game in a pre game interview. He says:
“Today’s game against Northwestern is a big game for us. It could be a pivotal moment in our season. As we are trying to make history here at Flowers, this is the first step in accomplishing a winning record in our season. Its a first time in a long time. So thats something that we are trying to achieve as a team. One of our goals to complete the season out and get ready for playoffs. Today, throughout the week, we have been getting mentally ready and we also had a game earlier, we didn’t fair well so the boys are definitely looking for revenge and to make up for their mistakes from last time. I’m excited to see whats going to happen on the field and hopefully we can pull out a win.”