Black at it Again !

Jordan Coleman

Dear Jaguars, 
Before the beginning of the school year all students and families were sent a memorandum in the mail and through email that stated our new school uniform policy. The letter let all families be aware of the change that we were going to be expecting. Students were no longer going to be able to wear certain clothing items. These items included black hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers. School administrators have only allowed students to wear grey or green outerwear. This was a major change that was implemented without much notice or consideration.  Well I am here to offer some good news. It has been announced that if we have 400 or more parents come to the school and vote, Flowers will be able to wear black items again however, hoodies are still not allowed due to safety reasons at the school, any other black item is allowed. Parents and family members are able to come to the school and vote beginning October 7th-11th between the hours of 7am to 4pm. That gives parents four days to come and vote for something that jaguars care about. Let’s make a difference, allow your voice to be heard and get your families here to make a change.