Temporary Madness


Rayvonne Brown and Rodney Heard


Mr. Andrews Hooker the JROTC and foundations of tech teacher at Charles Herbert Flowers High school, is trying to get his students to brainstorm ideas on how they can improve the Temporary classes outside behind the school.

This event took place October 11, 2019. The Foundations of tech class were accompanied by their teacher to go outside to see the temporary buildings. They were assigned to come up with ideas to improve the buildings and inventions to prevent them from being condemned.
This took place at Charles Herbert Flowers High School by the temporary classes outside the school in Springdale, Maryland.
This is important because students can’t learn in those classes. This matters because the school building is overpopulated and there are too many students in each of the classrooms. If the temporaries were in good condition, this could have been a way to prevent over population in the classrooms today. What could we have done to prevent this from happening in the first place?