FYI Finding Your Identity Club guaranteed to change your view on your life

Divine Obidike and Saffiatu Johnson

What is FYI

Do you need a safe place to share? Do you want to be a listener or an open heart for others? 
Then FYI is just for you. FYI is run by Ms. Porchea and is a program that anyone in any grade level can join. Fyi has ben implemented in an effort to assist the students here are Flowers high school with building positive identities through a social and emotional learning process. The program consist of female and males. FYI meets weekly to discuss issues that impact teens and ways to cope in various situations. 

Mrs. Porchea started the FYI program because she always had students coming to her for real advice, and she felt children needed to be mentored. FYI is so important to her, she believes students need an outlet to share. A fun fact about Ms. Porchea is that she likes to choreograph dances and she has a motorcycle with a license. Chatting isn’t the only thing that occurs during the meetings. Students can freely discuss recent events, controversial topics, and life goals and plans. They can either be mentors that guide and give advice or mentees to other members. Some meetings have popular inspirational guest speakers, such as, Sandra McFadden. Ms. McFadden has a Phd in Psychology and Neuroscience. She has been all over mentoring since she was mentored in college by a professor, Mr. Jim Willott. The sponsors of FYI are Ms. Porchea, Mr. Myles, and Ms. Benons.

The FYI Focus

The goals for the FYI program are to assist students with the following:

  1. Awareness and Management of their emotions
  2. Social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships
  3. Set and achieve personal and academic goals
  4. Develop decision-making Skills and responsible behaviors to achieve school and life success


Key Accomplishments

  • Breast Cancer Awareness (Fund-raiser, awareness walk)
  • Homeless shelter visits (to assist with any need requested)
  • Adopt a freshmen (Seniors are responsible for assisting in the transitioning of freshmen students into high school) {e.g., regular checks on grades and other behaviors}
  • College tours
  • Cultural awareness tours

FYI starts Immediately after school and concludes at 4:30 pm. FYI takes place in Ms. Porchea’s classroom, room 303, located on the third floor. Please come out and join, your presence is truly appreciated. The next meeting is October 16, 2019. FYI meet every Wednesday after-school.


“FYI is such an eye-opening experience and a safe place.”
-Dayonna Jameson
“Ms. Porchea is the best teacher, hands-down. PERIOD.” 

  • Jaedyn Overton

“FYI allows you to reflect on your emotions and thoughts
 in a safe place where you can relate to others.”

  • Natalia Romero