Marching Band changed my life

Eric Buckner


Marching Band has become a really big part of my life since last year. The friends that I have made there are long term and Just the warm welcome as a family there. Last year I played saxophone in marching band and it was a great experience,during that time I met a guy name Langston Hughes II, and he played sousaphone 12 grade year. But little did I know Langston also played saxophone and marched with his saxophone 9th grade year. Langston switched to sousaphone 10th grade year and now has graduated and now is A Freshman at Howard University. Now the reason I’m speaking of Langston is because he has changed my life for the better, when I had found out that he played saxophone he heard that I loved jazz. Now little did I know Langston actually played for a jazz band outside of school and welcomed me to join and that changed my life drastically. I started to practice jazz and started to Improvise with jazz and it just honestly made my life better. Back on the topic of Marching Band, I told Langston I wanted to play sousaphone and he told me to ask Mr Myles and now I’m starting to practice sousaphone and hopefully I will be as good or better than Langston. In Conclusion Marching Band has changed my life for the better and I want to thank everyone who has helped me become a better player and person