CHFHS Holiday Food Drive Competition – Count #4 – 11/20/12

So far, CHFHS has collected 672 canned goods and non-perishables. Our goal is 2,000 items. The next count will occur Friday morning.
Ms. Pea’s Preschooler’s are in the lead overall with a total of 64 donations! Go Tots! With the CRI Program in second place with 48 donations!
For the 1B competition, Mrs. Coelho-Tooley is in the lead with 89 donations.
For the 1A competition, Mrs. Coelho-Tooley is in the lead with 52 donations.
Here are the total results of today’s count:
Mrs. Robinson-Tibbs- 1B: 42 Mrs. Rivers-  1A: 49 Mrs. K. Williams- 1A: 74 Ms. Price- 1B: 10 Mrs. Coelho-Tooley- 1B: 52; 1A: 89
Mrs. P. Buck: 1A: 10 Ms. LeBlanc: 1B- 16 Mr. Hamilton: 1B-14 Ms. S. Williams- 1B: 25 Ms. Milko- 1A: 13; 1B: 6 Ms. L. Williams- 1A: 4
CRI Program– 48
Mrs. P. Brown- 1B: 9
Ms. Gonzales- 1A: 32
Ms. Pea’s Preschoolers– 64
Ms. Schaeffer– 1A: 8; 1B: 3
Colonel Harvey– 1B: 1
Ms. Liggins– 1A: 1
Ms. Lukomska– 1A: 9
Mr. Hobbs– 12
Mr. Dulce– 1A: 8
Mr. Meh– 1B: 2
Mr. Olowoyo– 1B: 2
Mrs. Schuller– 1B: 3
Mr. Fairfield– 1A: 10
Mr. Akers– 1A: 2; 1B:4
Ms. Demiao– 1B: 5
Ms. Tolentino– 1A: 9; 1B: 8
Ms. Fung– 1B: 7
Mr. Norman– 2
Ms. Hunt– 1B: 12
Ms. Jomuad– 1B: 8