Meet Mr. Bilal Raqib


Ashleigh Been and Maya Clemons

Meet Mr. Raqib or better known as Coach B.  He has been teaching Algebra 1 here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School for three years which makes him a freshman teacher here at the school. He is one of the coaches for the very dominant Varsity football team. They have study hall to work on any homework or to catch up on needed assignments at 2:45. They currently meet up in room number 318 for study hall. Shortly after they go to the weight room to begin practice. Eventually they go to the field to workouts until 7 p.m. These players have practice Mondays through Thursdays with games on Fridays, so the grind never stops with them.  One of the main Captains is Tristan Shannon, a senior here at Flowers. He’s the starting running back on the offensive team as number two on Varsity. Coach B is also one of the new sponsors for the freshman class of 2023. The class has code of conduct meetings at the beginning of every quarter. As of right now there is no student leader as in a class President,Treasurer etc. If Coach B had the time he would like to assist both Coach Brooks and Coach Pettigrew in both Basketball and Lacrosse. If it was up to him he would he would have practices from 3-5 p.m. He wouldn’t neglect study hall by having it in his classroom 301 on the third floor. He would continue to have practices Monday-Thursday. As a captain he would want Sammuel, a junior here at flowers who also is a part of the Varsity football team. Coach B’s planning time on an A-day is during his 4th period, and 2 period on a B-day. He has his lunch during D lunch which is a perfect time to contact him if you need him in his class on the third floor, room 301.