Class Night Shenanigans !

Maya Clemons

So, let’s talk about class night. For starters the sophomore class of 2022 won ! “For the first time ever, sophomores took first place” says Dr. Brown. Which everyone thinks is not fair because the judges could not decide who was loudest between the juniors and seniors so they “gave” it to the sophomores says an anonymous student. All the dances were amazing but everyone believes the sophomores were the best which is why I believe the sophomores won. However, the sophomores didn’t win as many games as the juniors did. I actually interviewed a couple juniors and they believed the only reason they tied with the seniors is because Ms. Benons was very biased towards the seniors and just wanted them to win.  She threatened to disqualify the sophomores because they ran onto the gym floor to congratulate their fellow classmate after winning a game of dodge ball. However, she didn’t threaten the seniors when they did the same to their fellow classmates after their class dance. She also failed to acknowledge when the seniors were “cheating” during the game  hungry hungry hippos’ but found wrong in the other classes. I even interviewed seniors that felt like she was “cheating a little too much for my liking”. In conclusion, many people thought Ms. Benons was being very bias at class night especially since she was the head of Students Government Association and the Senior class of 2020 sponsor. We won’t be able to change the outcome of class night because at the end of the day it’s all fun and games spirit week is for the whole school to show spirit. Overall everyone should just have fun !