Why do people like to take other people's phones?

Shyann Snyder

People have been stealing other peoples phones and nobody understands why they are doing this. There has been three people that has had there phone stolen including myself. The other two people that has had there phones stolen they have had it stolen from them while they are sitting in class next to there phones. Everyone that has reported there phones stolen hasn’t had anything done about it the school hasn’t done much dealing with people taking the phones. All that the schools do is have you write a incident report so that they know what the phone looks like so they can try and find it. Everyone that has reported their phone stolen still hasn’t have had there phone found, and this has happened over a month ago. The school can try and do something better to help the people that has had this happen be able to get back the phone that was stolen from them. The steps that I had to take to try and attempt to find my phone was to go to the security and tell them what happened, then the security has you write a report of what happened and where the phone was stolen. After you have reported it all you can do is wait to see what happens at the end of the day is that you still don’t have your phone.