In Loving Memory Of Ms. Cash Williams

Jezabel Almanzar

     On October 9th, 2019 the lovey Ms. Cash Williams sadly passed on.  Though details about her death were kept private for the sake of her family, the administration at Flowers still decided to provide students with the resources they need to cope with this great loss.  Students could make letters of condolences in the Main Office and seek help and comfort with the school provided counselors.

      Known as a Foundation of Technology and Math teacher at Flowers students found it shocking that someone that was seen every day with smiles and laughs is no longer here. Much isn’t known about Ms. Cash Williams’ personal life nor her past. But, students who were previously in her classes have said she has dealt with certain health problems for quite some time but being the strong woman she is, she pushed through the pain and came to school ready to teach the future.  That’s something staff and students admired about Ms. Cash Williams, she was strong and resilient.

     The passing of Ms. Williams, though sad and somber, makes most students realize that nothing is forever and we must appreciate every second, minute, and hour we have on this earth because at any second it can be all gone. We stop ourselves from enjoying our bodies and our souls. We stop ourselves from enjoying our air, our ocean, and our land. We live in a time where the only way to live is to die. Ms. Cash William’s story has taught us that we must love, we must laugh, and we must live.

“I was honestly in utter shock when I found out, it was kinda weird and it still is, her like not being here anymore.” -Kai Ruffin 10th Grade Former Ms. Williams Foundation of Technology Student