Virginia Bates

We connected the first day we met

You were my ride or die, my day one, nothing to regret

I loved you and I would do anything for you

You cry, here’s my shoulder

Making our way, better together and growing older

Through boy problems I was always with you I heard you with clear ears and spoke nothing else from the words you wanted to hear, nothing else on my mind except for your happiness, but yet

When it came to me your words only wanted to make me cry more

No uplifting hugs, but just a pat on the back

Every word you said was far from the truth,

I wanted to speak up although I was trouble from our youth


You see we’ve all been through stupid decisions in our life and had to deal with those problems

But your words of saying he’s a fool and it’s better that I forget him isn’t for me to do

In fact it’s the opposite for me to get out of blue

Before all this he was my best friend and so were you

So I talk to him by myself and we got threw

Everything was perfect again for a while until you did you

Mad at me for a minor reason and now here we are not talking

I don’t know why nor do I know how but I know that I didn’t cry over losing you like I did losing him

Now I’m taking your words and forgetting you