Maryland Man Awarded $800K Over Fight With Six-Flags Security Guards

Marcale Barnwell

On June 17 of 2018 a Maryland man claims a security guard assaulted him at Six-Flags America on Fathers-Day. Nicholaus Mims noticed one of his children was missing while taking his shirt off to get inside the waterpark. Fortunately he found his son. However after he found his son, security guards told him he needed to put a shirt on. Mims and the security guards got into an altercation forcing Mims to leave the park. Mims agreed to leave, but the guards continued to follow him out the park, beat up and handcuffed. Mims was diagnosed with a concussion and still experiences headaches to this day. Six-Flags claims Mims was the aggressor based on his language during the incident. Mims who intended on suing Six-Flags was seeking $10 million in damages. Today Mims was awarded 800K over the incident.