Aid to Your Future

Stephon Haynes

Some students are not really good at school and all the fundamentals that come with it. So I feel like there should be something built in the school we’re the students that are not doing that well in school should get aid in a career that they actually feel that they have a chance to be successful. Teachers in this era don’t really understand how hard it is to keep up with 8 classes. So without them actually realizing that high school is hard for a student in this era they are required to do their job. Which means even though the student has work for another class and they don’t complete the work for one specific class they get the grade punishment of a zero. Unfortunately students are not given the aid that I feel like they well deserve, they get bad grades and they get in trouble by their parents. Also along with teachers parents don’t actually know how hard it is for their kids either. The teachers and the parents should make a stand to get help for their kids and students in areas where they would have a higher chance for success.