What is it like on POMS ?

Ashleigh Been

What it’s like on the POM and Dance Team? As a member of the team, I could say that being on the team takes serious skill. During the summer we prepare for the football season. Most of the veterans on the team, including me, helped the new girls on the team with some of the moves that we usually do during the football games. Now that the official football season is over we have started to work on our competition routines. Yes, we are still going to dance at home games for playoffs because we support our football team. We’ve just shifted our focus from football season to the competition season. Our first official competition starts in the month of February, so it’s best we start our routines now so by then they are perfected to our coach’s liking. In the midst of this, we are also preparing for our annual showcase in January. This showcase is to basically show people what we’ve been doing during football season and gives people an idea of what we do for the remainder of the year. We hope you stick around to watch our journey throughout the year!