Cost of Medical Marijuana is Questioned by Louisiana Locals

Karen Gutierrez Garcia

In August of this year, Louisiana became one of more than 30 states that dispense medical marijuana. Just three months after, doctors and clinics are stating that the cost of medical marijuana is too high for patients.
About 3,500 people have received medical marijuana since the program began. Under state law, cannabis is being allowed to treat a long list of diseases and disorders, such as cancer, seizures, and Parkinson’s disease.
Nine pharmacies are available for patients to receive their medical marijuana prescriptions and they have stated that the high start-up costs, high government regulations, and a low number of patients reflect the costs of their products.
CEO of The Healing Clinics, Kathryn Thomas, stated that a third of patients cannot afford the price of the product. “They can’t afford ongoing treatment,” she said.
Dr. Victor Chou, doctor of more than 600 patients in a Baton Rouge medical marijuana clinic, stated that many of his patients use on bottle per month, but one quarter of his patients cannot afford the medication.
The cannabis currently available comes in a bottle containing a dropper that can range between $90 to $220, depending on concentration and pharmacy.
Doctors hope that the cost of medical marijuana will be addressed to provide treatment to those who need it.