Why do schools need to have uniforms?

Shyann Snyder

When schools don’t have uniforms you are able to express yourself however you like and be who you are. When the schools make the students wear uniforms it blocks off a way for you to express yourself to people. When schools put students in uniforms its blocking a way to express their creativity and who they are. The schools don’t need to be having the uniforms. The uniforms aren’t doing anything towards the environment when people are able to express themselves, the teachers are able to more likely to know who exactly is in the class just by the way that they are expressing themselves. Some teachers don’t like having the uniforms because it makes it feel like you are in jail. There has been numerous teachers that don’t like having the uniforms but some enjoy it , most people don’t like having the uniforms it’s restricting many ways for people to express themselves.  The more that people aren’t able to express themselves the less likely to be  be able to express who they are.