You Don't Know The Real Me

Camille Greaves

 Stop telling me 
How beautiful i am
And how cute 
My dimples are 
Stop saying that i 
Am such a funny girl.
Beautiful girls
Don’t sit at lunch alone 
Or spend Friday nights 
Alone in their rooms.
Funny girls don’t
Lock themselves
  To cry
If my dimples
Were so cute 
Why do I stay alone 
When i wish to have 
The friends i need.
But somehow end up by
Myself no matter how hard  
Try. People like me 
Deserve to stand 
Alone to cry.
Don’t need groups or 
Parties with friends 
As much as we try
We always end up alone
And SAD!!!!!
If I had a count 
For how many times
I would rather be alone 
And cry then to be with 
People. I think I’d rather die!!!
The only thing that i seem
To be good at is disappointing
School ain’t me but now 
I don’t even know me for me 
No one wants to know me 
It’s like i repeal all humans 
From me 
Is all i’ll ever be                                                                                                                                                                                                          
By Camille Greaves