Should students take drills seriously?

Shyann Snyder

Students should take drills seriously because if they don’t they won’t know how to act if there was a time that these situations were a life or death situations. Majority of the time that people aren’t taking these things serious they are just playing around they are around their friends and just playing around. Students should take lockdown drill  and any other type of drills serious because one time you will never know if it may be a real situation that this is occurring. Many people take these type of situations as a joke, when we do the drills it’s for our safety to help keep us safe from the different situations that may occur. The people that mainly joke around with these type situations are the guys when they are around their friends they tend to laugh and joke around with them when they should be quiet and following the procedure of these drills. The schools practice these to help protect and keep us safe because our parents have put trust into the schools with the life’s of their children.