Sunny House Cafe

Jordan Coleman and Elijah Carroll

Did you know Charles Herbert Flowers Highschool has there very own cafe? 
Classroom 142 has started an activity for kids with special needs. This gives the students the ability to exercise their social skills and to see how well they work with others. Mr. Martin, has asked if other students would like to participate and help the students with their cafe. The “Sonny House Cafe”, provides the kids with the opportunity to interact with the other children in the school. Once you arrive at the classroom, you are greeted by a “Host/Hostess” and they seat you. Once you are seated your waiter or waitress comes to your table and provide you with a menu and take your order. Once your order is taken, they bring you out “play food” and then they take it back once you are finished. The whole experience is to portray that you are in an actual cafe. This cafe gives the kids with special needs an opportunity to work on their social skills and helps them to be comfortable with being socially active with others.  

Check out photographs from the Sonny House Cafe by Obed Grant