Seniors Petition to Wear Black

Sydney Monroe

Using, seniors at Charles Herbert Flowers have a started a petition to wear black polo shirts again. On petition page titled Let The Seniors At Charles Herbert Flowers Wear Black Again,” 2019-2020 seniors explain their disappointment and disbelief in this school year’s uniform color palette. Seniors have waited years to finally wear black shirts, to them, the black shirts signify achievement and hard work, it means they finally made it. In their description of their petition seniors made valid points against the all green plague Flowers administration had suddenly spread this school year.  They state, “The shirts they expect us to buy are $30+, which some families can’t afford to buy. It is unnecessarily expensive and families with multiple children in the 2020 graduating class may be struggling to find the finances to buy each of their students 3 or more shirts.” Seniors had also stated that “By allowing different grade levels to wear different uniform colors, teachers, security, and admin will be assisted in identifying students by grade level. Allowing seniors to wear black will be for everyone’s benefit, not just for us.” To speak to the security issue I really do believe that the color diffraction benefited students in many cases as it helped students and administrators identify peers/students much more effectively, especially in certain negative situations Over 800 signatures and counting, have been obtained. You can sign here:

Senior Petition to Wear Black