Largo HS fight with Student and Teacher

Darasimi Fagbuyi

On Friday, November 15, 2019, a teacher at Largo High School, Vivian Noirie was caught on video in an altercation with a student. She was taken into custody that Friday morning and was released on Monday. She has now been ordered to stay away from the high school. According to the police, the student involved, was upset with Noirie for making a call to her parents the day before. As a result, the student went up to the teacher, stepped on her foot and bumped into her. This is when Noirie punched the student, before others came back to break up the fight. Then the student decided to grab the teacher and repeatedly punched  her before being separated again. The teacher has now been charged with both physical child abuse and second degree assault. Vivian Noirie has now been placed on administrative leave from Largo High School and is due in court in December.