Inflated Education Prices in America

Evan Nuesca

    As of the 2019-2020 school year, the average college tuition along with fees costs $36,801 for private colleges, $22,577 for public out-of-state colleges, and $10,116 for public in-state colleges. These prices increased of about 4% compared to the previous year. However, compared to college tuition costs outside the US, these prices seem exorbitant. In fact, outside of the US, a third of the colleges offer free college tuition to its students, while another third of colleges still costs only about $2,400 a year. 
    According to Sandy Baum of the Urban Institute of the Urban Institute, “It’s not that colleges are spending more money to educate students. It’s that they have to get that money from someplace to replace their lost funding – and that’s from tuition and fees from students and families.” Another possible reason for inflated tuition cost is that “the higher the tuition costs, the easier it is for universities to recruit the exact type of students they want by offering them college tuition discounts, according to Adam Davidson.