We Deserve Better School Lunch!!!

Jocelyn Cruz

Bad School Lunch

When you eat school lunch do you feel better afterward or do you feel satisfied? Do you enjoy the food in the cafeteria? We have the privilege to have food in school, however, it doesn’t taste very good and isn’t healthy. Did you know that the 1 in 3 high school students receive an average of less than 1 serving of vegetables per day, especially when they are using the school lunch program?  Kids who eat a healthy school lunch compared to an unhealthy school lunch are 34% more likely to retain the information they learn during their studies over the course of a day. So having a healthy lunch helps us learn and be better students. Schools in America need to realize that these “lunches” they serve us are distasteful and show the lack of interest and care the system has for us.

Look at the lunches of two different countries. The one that looks more appealing is from Italy and looks healthy and well made. Now, look at the one you didn’t choose. The lunch tray that represents the U.S. shows a remarkable difference. The U.S. tray looks cheap, unappetizing, and almost fake.  A big excuse is that there just isn’t enough funding to make better and healthier lunches. If it was true that the interest of the students comes first, then the very first budgeting expense should be our school lunches. Instead, every school board member has the newest car eating the finest of lunches and here we are, eating undercooked chicken nuggets. Many families in public schools are low-income families that rely on these special programs to receive free school lunch, to receive lunch in general and I wish these families would have something good and tasteful to eat.