Should teachers stop giving homework out?

Shyann Snyder

Teachers should not be giving the amount of homework that they are giving the students. The amount of homework that the teachers are giving out is causing the students to develop a lot of stress from school. Jinod Hawkins has stated that “  I believe that homework should be given out once a week instead of every single day of the weekday and that it’s put a lot a stress on kids where they decide that they want to do the homework and I believe that teachers need to give out homework once a week and only extra homework if a student misses a school day and need to make it up.” Many students do not like the amount of homework that the teachers are giving them to every week. The more the students stress over the homework that they are being given they tend to get frustrate and spend every night and possibly the weekend trying to complete the homework that is given to them,  which can cause them to get the lack of sleep which makes it hard for them to pay attention in class.