The National Art Society

Shyann Snyder

The National Art Honor Society is an organization that is trying to help beautify the community. They are trying to help the community be a better place to live in. The more that this club does  these things the more likely that people will want to help out and try to be helpful and beneficial on helping  the community. The more people participate in these types of activities the more likely that they will want to try and do this themselves. The more adamant to want to try and keep their homes beautiful like what they had it when the art society tried to help the community to be a better place for people and have a beautiful community to live in. There are very few people currently that actually want to help make the community a better place for the newer generations to be able to enjoy the community that they will be growing up in. The national art honor society  is something that is trying to help the community and try to make people want to give back to the community. The NAHS is trying to help make this planet a better place to be on.