Should students put their phones down in class?

Shyann Snyder

The students should put their phones down in class they are being disrespectful by being on the phone in class when the teacher is up there trying to teach the class. If someone sees someone else on their phone while in class it starts a chain reaction to cause everyone to be on their phones and to not try and get the education that they need to be able to succeed in life. The teachers are feeling disrespected when the students get on their phones they don’t even try to do their jobs. Even though the teachers are being paid to do the job they don’t want to do the job because of the lack of respect that the majority of the students are showing the teachers. Some of the students take their education serious but when they are in the class and the teacher gave up on teaching the class due to the lack of respect the students who want their education cant get the proper education since the disrespect that some of the students are giving.
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Should students put their phones down in class?