Car Accidents and Tickets ! The More You Know

Darasimi Fagbuyi

Being in an accident is very traumatic. There are many causes to accidents. People could be speeding and can’t control the car or they’re texting while driving or maybe even an animal running into the road and you swerve into a tree or forest because you want to avoid hitting the animal. It has been reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that motor vehicle crashes have increased since 2012. Over 33,000 people died in crashes this year. Car accidents are the most common types of accidents that cause injury and deaths. Most accidents involve two cars but the percentage of motorcycles and pedestrians involved in accidents is increasing.
A ticket, law-wise, is something given to an individual with an official notice of a traffic offense. If you receive a payable traffic ticket where there isn’t a possibility of jail time then it’s either you pay the full fine and plead guilty, ask for a waiver hearing to plead “guilty with an explanation”, or ask for a trial to plead “not guilty”. If your ticket somehow gets misplaced you can use the Lost or Missing Citation Option form. If you don’t respond within 30 days of receiving the ticket, the District Court will let the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) know to begin the driver’s license suspension process.