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Saffiatu Johnson

Article: “The Decision Making Guide: How to make Smart Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones”
Author: James Clear
     Decision making is not just the action or process of making decisions. We sometime make logical decisions. But we also make irrational, emotional, and choices that are confusing. A lot of us likes thinking of ourselves as being rational, but we are not. We are all irrational. It was once believed that humans made well-considered , logical decisions. But, in recent years, a wide range of mental errors that detail our thinking has been discovered by researchers.
We can use the mental models for smart decision making. A mental model offers a way of looking at the problems of life and it helps us make sense of the world works the way it does. Some mental models you can use to improve your decision making are: Margin of Safety , which involves you leaving space for the unexpected; Solving difficult problems by wing the invention technique; and the power of thinking for yourself.