Saffiatu Johnson

Home Sweet Home, 
I Miss Home
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Many times people hear the name of the continent Africa, they think poverty, sufferings, and old homes and houses. Well, Africa is more than what most people may see it as, it is home to many people especially Africans. Where I am from is a country in Africa known as Sierra Leone. Many of you probably never heard about Sierra Leone. It is my home and I miss it everyday. There is no day that went by without me thinking about my home and those that are left behind.There is no place like home. Sierra Leone is the place where I was born and raised. It is my birth country, and I lived there for twelve years. The economy is not very good but me and my family survived. We created so many memories together, good ones and bad ones too. My family wasn’t rich but we make the  most of every moment. There were times when me and my family have no food to eat but the laughter and jokes we make keeps us going. I miss my home. However, I really  do not miss living in poverty. I miss my family and friends. But I try not to miss them too much because I know my purpose of coming to the United States. My purpose is to have a better life and opportunities to become somebody and make better of myself and someday help those that are left behind, in Sierra Leone. Thanks to God for keeping me and my family alive until we meet again. And thanks to social media (whatsapp) for helping me stay in contact with my family.I miss my older sister. Her name is June. She used to take me everywhere she goes. When I was back home, in Sierra Leone, my nickname was handbag. You probably saying to yourself what a weird nickname. I got that nickname because my sister and I we were very closed. She never goes anywhere without me. She never leaves me behind in anything she does. Anywhere she goes I go. I was my sister’s handbag. Me and my sister, we were inseparable. .We were like book and pen. We stick together like bread and butter. I remember when she will go on dates, and I was always a third wheeler. When June got her first boyfriend, I was the first one to know.  And when she will sneak out I will have to cover for her. When I think about all these things that happened, I miss her even more. She gave me my first nephew and I can’t thank her enough. I know that many people when they become aunts and uncle they think they are old, I don’t think I’m old or too young to be an aunt. I am very happy to be an aunt. I am a proud aunt. I miss my grandmother, I learned how to do hair because of  her. She was too impatient to go to the salon. So she let me practice doing hair on her head. She is the first person to let me do her hair. Everytime I call back home to speak to her, she says I no longerhave someone to do my hair. It makes me feel sad and sometimes I starts crying. It makes me think of how much I really miss her. I remember when me , my mother and my sister were preparing to leave for the U.S., so many tears. By that time my sister, June already had her first child, Divine was his name. I can’t wait for the day I’m going back home to see my families and friends again. I miss my family so much . Home sweet home. I miss home.