Enjoy your childhood while you can !

Saffiatu Johnson

Enjoy your childhood while you can. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I am not even fully grown yet. But just like I said trust me. I am only fifteen and I am already missing my childhood. I already have so many responsibilities, but my main responsibility right now is school. As you grow up you begin to realize so many things and many responsibilities to be taken care of. Seem like just yesterday my mother used to wake up early enough every morning  to make me and my younger sister breakfast before we leave for school. And she will make sure to make school lunch for us as well. My mother will make sure to get me and my sister out of  bed on time to get ready for school. Well, things have changed. Now we have to set our school alarm before going to bed and if we do not  want to eat the school lunch we have to wake up early and make our lunches by ourselves. And more changes are on the way. I need to prepare myself  for those changes. Not sure that I am ready for those changes, more like challenges but I have to be ready to face them. I remember when I was younger and my mother will carry me on her back when I don’t feel like walking. Well, there is no more of that back riding now  that I am growing up and getting older. Soon before I even notice I will be 18 years old and graduating from high school. My parents will be telling me to get a job and preparing for college. This is where more and more responsibilities are going to start coming in. Like when I will finally get into college and probably decide to stay on campus. My mother is not going to be on campus to wake me up every morning to go for my classes. I have to be able to do all those things by myself. All on my own. So, with all these responsibilities on the way, I am going to enjoy the rest of my childhood. You know, I am going to live a little.I am going to enjoy the little time I have left with my family before college, and before I finally become an adult and start living on my own with so much responsibilities. I will miss my family a lot, especially my mother. Growing up is hard and comes with lots of responsibilities.