Uneven Trust From Parents

Saffiatu Johnson

Why do parents have so much trust in their male kids than they do with their female kids? I just do not get it. I have been trying to figure that out for so long. For some reason, parents seemed to trust and believe their male kids so much. I DON’T KNOW WHY.  Parents are failing to understand that all kids crave for equal attention and when that doesn’t  happen, it can bring hatred and jealousy in the family, mainly between the children. While I am trying to figure out the reason for this inequality of attention and trust from parents towards their children, I decide to ask members of my family so that I can get answers. I asked my grandfather, my grandmother, my aunts and uncles. They all seem to have the same sense of reasoning. They say boys can handle themselves and when a father is not around it is up to the male child to take care of the family and the home. It is up to the boy to be in charge. But when it comes to the girls, parents always want to be overprotective with them, making sure nothing goes wrong. Well guess what, females can also be in charge of a home and provide for the family too. As a female, I am saying every female deserves the same attention and trust from our parents as the males. My parents trust me to stay home alone, all by myself with my younger sister, but they do not trust us going out and having fun with our friends.When you think about it it really sucks. It sucks a lot. We always have to beg to go out. Having to keep begging and begging and begging my parents just to go out can be very aggravating, sometimes I just want to burst out of anger. Especially my grandfather who says no to everything, even before I finish whatever I was going to say or ask. My grandfather always have to be the first person to get pass when I or any other female in the house wants to go out. He always try to make excuses to convince you to stay home. He always use stuff going on outside to like shootings and other activities. I know that a lot of things are going on outside but you can’t let those things control you life, you have to be able to live the way you want. After pleading and maybe be my grandfather still says “no,’’ I start to feel rebellious because all I need is freedom and I barely go out. I do understand that it is sometimes good for parents to be overprotective with their females ,more than they are with their males, but the boys are always out having fun with friends. Females are home always , bored and doing nothing for fun because our overprotective parents don’t think we can handle ourselves. Well guess what, we can, we can handle ourselves, anywhere, anytime. Parents always want to talk about gender roles. Well then “F” gender roles. A woman’s place is not only at home, in the kitchen or getting married and having kids and taking care of those kids . We have a life to live.