War in Syria

Eric Buckner and Ezekiel Durning

Though the Syrian Civil War started in 2011 around March 15th it was said that the war “has reached new heights”. The conflict has left more than 360,000 people dead, devastated cities and drawn in other countries. More than 500,000 people are either dead or missing because of the war. Sadly, the U.S plays a major role in the Syrian War as the U.S is known for selling weapons to these Middle Eastern countries in war, like Syria all we are doing is making the war worse.  You have children wielding Ak-47s because that’s all they know, they want to fight for there country. They don’t go to sleep with our hearing gunfire or AEDs going off.  President Trump announced he is pulling US troops from the border between northeastern Syria and Turkey. This could be detrimental to the progression of the war as it adds to the longevity of the fight without any problems being solved. Innocent lives that are being taken away because of the war and all politicians care about is the nest money grab. While Obama was in Office he was bombing Syria and 2 years ago Trump did the same thing. People from these countries are getting bad reputations because of misconceptions/ stereotypes about their religion, phenotype, and cultural background. In France, it is a unsaid rule that if you are a female Muslim you forced to take off your Hijab, this is because of the constant terrorist attacks in France. War in the Middle East has affected not only middle eastern people but us as well, we live in constant lies and ignorance and we don’t even know it. Policies, power, and money have so much control over our world that we don’t even know what’s’ going on to our fellow human beings. Communication is first and things like a constant publication on the Internet is the first step to stop this. We all have a voice and We believe Flowers students do too, as students let get out there and make a change.