Bladensburg HS Protest

Jocelyn Cruz

Are We Really Safe in Our Schools?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

                Yesterday, November 12, 2019, students at Bladensburg High School exited their classrooms and school to protest. In recent years there have been many problematic and hazardous situations occurring in the school. From scandals with teachers to horrible conditions in the school. The students decided to take a stand to create a new, healthy, and safe environment for the students and teachers. Board member Belinda Queen was an active voice for the students declaring that the students need better conditions and a new school. “They have many issues . Bathroom, food, No school spirit, lack of their voice being heard, they want their band back, mold and leaks in some areas. Specialty classroom not having all they need to succeed and much more. I’m sorry I’m just hearing these issues. some I can assist and other the CEO will have to address. These issues unfortunately has built up. They really need a PTA/PTO also. I need every school to have Parents, community leaders and churches involved on behalf of our children,” Belinda Queen said.
             CEO Dr. Monica Goldson heard what was happening at the school, however, she decides not to take action and fix the issues in the school. If we don’t have a strong leadership how are the schools going to be safe and healthy? We need people who care for our needs and demands. If we spend hours in a building that is in horrendous conditions don’t you think that will affect the learning environment. 
             “The conditions are horrible and gross to be in,” said a senior who did not want to be identified. “We go to class in rooms where there is mold, mice, leaks and a plumbing system that doesn’t work. There is not enough heat in the winter and no air conditioning when it gets hot.” It is sad to know that there are schools who have these conditions and to know that they are never fixed and no one fights for them to be fixed. Unfortunately, there are many schools that have these same problems but don’t speak out. The students of Bladensburg High School showed bravery and courage and showed an amazing example to follow and act.
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