"We demand change"


On November 12, 2019, Bladensburg students left their classrooms around 9:30 am to protest in the cold and rainy weather against their school’s conditions. Students wanted change in their school, major changes such as having ceilings without mold and leaks, not have rats being found on school grounds, cleaner and usable bathrooms, dry and clean floors, and better food.
Aside from changing their environment students want many school events, for example, spirit week or class night. There is a long history of Bladensburg’s lack of school spirit the main example being the lack of a football for a few years. Many students had things to say during the protest, here are some of their responses…
“The floors are a big problem- they’re dangerous,” said a 12th-grade student
Just last week, when the floors were too slippery, I slipped and fell… Luckily I did not have to go to a hospital this time around”- 11th- grader
The conditions are horrible and gross to be in” – 12th grader
So far Bladensburg has had a lot of media coverage, their voices are being heard. The school board has responded to the protest with promises of change, students can only hope and wait.