Becoming America's Most Powerful Black Woman

Alex Harris, Staff Writer

When you think of black powerful women, the first name that might come to mind is our First Lady Michelle Obama.  There was no doubt four years ago, when Barack Obama was elected the first black president, that his wife Michelle would be just as powerful as him.
“I am very proud of her to be the first black first lady, who is highly intelligent and  a perfect match for our president.” said  ProStart Teacher, Ms. Smith.
Her trademark began with her phenomenal fashions, but that was only the beginning for the First Lady.  Over the course of four years, Michelle has made it her duty to end childhood obesity, by making school lunches healthier and starting the “Let’s Move!” program. She is an advocate for women’s rights, as well as LGBT rights.  And she also does a lot of hands on work with the veterans and their families.
“She is a black woman just as myself, I love everytime I see her,” said African American Studies Teacher Mrs. Aarons.
         Michelle is a very educated woman is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Not only is she a outstanding woman but she the perfect person to look up too.
“She is my idol. I wish I could meet her,” said Ms. Smith.