What it takes to be a state champ

Reese Carey

Here at Charles Herbert flowers, our girls basketball program we put very hard work and dedication into what we do from the season to off season we work to better ourselves on the court,in the classroom and our everyday life. The team has a very strong bond, To be apart of the organization we go by a Moto that our head coach taught us  T.E.A.C.H( Team, Effort, attitude, commitment, and humility ) our coach tells us all the time if we can’t show those 5 characteristics we most likely won’t be on the team. Last season we started workouts in August on Saturdays at 6am on the track you won’t find many team teams working before the sun rises our coaches told us it shows dedication who will really wake up early to put the work in. We built a strong working progress throughout the season we persevered through the losses and kept going which led to much better things for the team.

Reese Carey:

what does it take to be a part of the girls basketball organization at flowers ?

Makayla ware: “It takes a lot of teamwork and humility.. our team has a really strong bond where we feel comfortable to make mistakes around each other and help each other grow. Humility is what led us to be champions, being able to bounce back after a loss and dominate the rest of the season”.